Monday, May 7, 2007

There are many reasons woman choose to breastfeed.
Not only to nourish their newborn, but for that special bonding that occurs during breastfeeding.

The more they study breast milk, the more good things they find. But, since there is little profit in breastfeeding, very little money is spent on research, so who knows what benefits they're missing.

Here are a few things they do know.

Breast milk provides antibodies which protect baby from many common respiratory and intestinal diseases, it also protect against middle ear infections, and pneumonia.

Breastfeeding also helps mom, by stimulating the release of the hormone oxytocin in the mother's body, which stimulates uterine contractions.
New studies have shown that it promotes the development of maternal behavior and the bonding between a mother and her child.

For me breastfeeding my 6 boys was the natural thing to do. I found later, after delivering a preemie at 31+ weeks that preterm breast milk was even better for the babies. So I pumped my breast regularly for the next six weeks until he came home. Unfortunately, by the time he was released from the NICU, my milk supply had dwindled to less than 1cc. I then realised how much of a hassle it was to formula feed. Determined to breast feed this child, I would nurse him to stimulate milk production, while my husband prepared the formula. I did reestablish an abundant supply after about a week. With all that, I wondered why anybody would chose to bottle feed!

As an L&D nurse for the past three years I have heard many reasons why woman choose not to breastfeed. From, "my boyfriend doesn't think it is sexy", to "I just don't have the time". Along with stories like, "I just did not have enough milk", or "I felt like a cow," there are also complaints of having to get up to feed, while their husband sleeps.

Yes, it is true, when a mother decides to breastfeed, for the first months of a child's life, mom is the life source for that child. It is also true, there may be (though not often) a problem with bottle refusal for a mom who must return to work.
But as I see it, finding ways around these difficulties far outweigh the long term effects of not breastfeeding.

Breast Milk Antibodies

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Whats "Kangaroocare"?

Learn more about infant care in other countries.
I went to a conference just a few weeks ago and one of the presenters talked about this.
Very interesting.

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Parenting web.

Here is a site "Parenting Web", that is very informative, not just for breastfeeding past and present, but with well, you guessed it, parenting information.

Health Risks of Not Breastfeeding

Health Risks of Not Breastfeeding